Saturday, October 8, 2011

4th Anniversary Series : Charity Service at Children Home

In previous blog post, I had blogged about the charity service to Old Folks home. In the next day after visited old folks home, I had followed my sister's Leo Club which was Leo Club of Phor Tay High School to visit the children home at Scotland Road.
Ramakrishna Ashram Children Home
It's a well known children home which full of facilities. It was just like a school for children, for that children home most of them are indian children! They were so playful and really having fun when saw us visiting them. They were so cheerful and also have the special football training for everyone! Not bad la that children home.
Everyone was waiting for the chief organizer to announced the project start. As I was not the organizer, so I could take my time snapping around the photos. Looking on the new committees carry out projects.
Charity Service (Children Home)
He is Sean Yeoh who shared the same surname with me. I admire at him very much, he could stay strong on his life. For your information, he was late Brandon Yeoh's brother. Brandon was the one who dead in the dragon boat tragedy last year. I tell myself to take care his brother Sean Yeoh who also share the same surname with me. I had invited him to many Leo Events such as Penang Chingay Parade on last year. He is now studying at Vietnam.
The whole project was cheering up and having fun with the children! With the theme "Back to Childhood" which means that all of us were back to childhood and played like kids with those children. They were so nice and willing to play with us on that day! The whole children home was full of cheering sound and also the laughing from all of us! It was fun.
The children there was so cute and some were really active. They were so cooperate as a team when playing games. It's a good attitude on this! Good.
Playing station games of course can't lack of water and flour. So used to be playing very fun with flour and water. Children were so enjoyed on the station games as well as all of the Leos! Taking the water gun shooting everyone was so fun! xD.
Leo Dino Fok were joined into his team on playing the station game. This game was not bad and it used to train our mind on the accuracy! But at last the rings were so hard to throw into the cone, the game finally ends with laugh.
Everyone was so cooperate in their team probably. Helping the teammates on playing station games and make sure that their team will get the best award for the organizer. All of them were so enjoyed while playing the games.
The cute children here was playing with balloon. Good boy! xD.
Another game that won't miss while playing station games, there was the game with balloon. Who step on whose balloon, the person will win that. I know that game was a bit childish but really can cheer up everyone while playing this. It used to play it now as well in the range of teenagers.
At last all of the children there were enjoyed very much on the whole station game session. After that we cleaned up everything and of course taking the group photos as well. So it ends the event here. From my opinion, organize such event was really good to show that the children were being cared by us and also to develop the helpful mind on teenagers. Posted by GenYong 08.10.2011


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