Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CLHS IU Day 2011 (Part 2)

Yo guys, sorry for so long not updating my blog. Since last 2 weeks, my PC has system down and my PC was sent for repairing. I was just get back my PC yesterday. Too bad most of the files in my PC previously has gone! All my photos from year 2007 until 2009 has all gone! Luckily I saved my latest photos on Backup D Drive and escape it.

Come on let us continue with previous story, CLHS IU Day 2011! For this part 2 I will show you what performances and games that we had done on that day. See how the participants performed well in the whole event.
We were planned the water balloon game to all the participants. It was not like the normal water balloon game using water balloon and throw somebody. In this game, all the participants were advised to handle this balloon gently and transfer to each other. It was like the musical chair, when the balloon stop at the person, that person have to go in front to the MC and called to perform something.
Those were called out by the MC. But most of the person who came out were boys compared to girls. Was it boys more playful? Or boys more lucky? Haha. By the way, they were called to do something that instructed by the MC. Some actions were so funny that requested by the MC! Cool.
Seong Liew who was the president of the club also called out and play the game. He was called to carry a person running around the hall. It was so amazing and he gained a lot of claps from the participants. After that, the balloon still transferring to each other with the music!
After that, there was the dance session. The dance was brought by the form 3 members Hong Peng and his gang. I forgot their team name, but their dancing skill was not bad. They raised up the atmosphere of the event!
After that the Black Tie Republic Musical Band was performed on the stage! The team was leaded by Anthony Ooi who was the MC of the event too. He was good in singing rock! He could attract a lot of people stand in front of stage and dance upon his singing! Cool. Well, that day the sound system was not really good and caused some problems occurred on the performance.
Next, Zhi Yang who was the popular violin player in school. He could play a lot different types songs. He could play those rock songs, pop songs or even the remix songs. He was good in playing violin and from his playing I just realized that violin not only main for playing soft core or classic songs.
Next, the turn for KCC Band to perform! Benjamin Chwee and Way Yang was the leader of the team. Both of them could sing well and their team could perform well although the sound system have the problems out there. Not bad and well done to the KCC Band. Their main songs were those light songs and nice to listen!
PCGHS Interact Club get the Best Supporter award from Mr Yeap our club teacher advisor.
All the committees were stayed back to clear up the venue after the event! We spent around 1 hour to clear up everything. After that, Seong Liew and I were taking the photos with the animal. It was great to see that the animal was looked so real. Thanks for Tze Han's dad for providing us this kind of decoration! IU Day 2011 has ended there! *Well, I could comment that this was the success event that I had organized before. Posted by GenYong 26.10.2011


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