Friday, October 14, 2011

IU Day 2011 Preparation

Previously, I had organized a lot of events such as Sports Challenge like Handball Match, Basketball Match, Club Installation and many more activities in school. The last big scale event that I involved in organizing will be the Interact Club IU Day 2011. I was recommended by Seong Liew and Bin Hong who were President and Secretary of the club respectively.
However, I was try to deny for it but at last they believed me that I can handle those stuffs. So they elected me as the organizing secretary for this event. As I was still new in Interact Club, I don't know much about Interact Club also. I was just follow the instruction of the organizing chairperson Tze Han and did everything that I could handle to make sure this event success.

As well as I had designed out the poster and the official logo for this event. I believe that one success event must come with a good marketing strategy on publicity first. So I took the challenge and designed out the attractive poster to show out my designing skill. But it sounds to be so successfully done with the promotion throughout Facebook!
Shun Jie who are also one of the organizing committee in charge of program flows of the event. He was a scout member, he was so kind to allow us using the scout stuffs to set up the event venue.

Daniel Lim who being a resource in charge person also helped out on making the decoration for the event venue. We were there tide up the bamboo stick and make it us a cage for the human made animal as decoration.
After completed the job, everyone seems to be rest a while and try to continue later. Our job included bamboo sticks cutting, tiding bamboo sticks, searching for dry plants and other stuffs. Everyone was working under the hot sun, of course need some rest.
Yes, could you see that some of them were busy working while some of them take turns to have a cold drink under the hot sun! It was an awesome experience on working here under the sun for the event! It's worth it. I believe that our hard work could make the event turn into success.
All of us are working on tiding the bamboo sticks.
Thank you to those Form 4 Interact Club members for helping us on this.
Besides that, our Form 6 senior also came to help out on the process tiding up the bamboo sticks. Through out the whole process, I had learnt how to be a "scout" on tiding up bamboo sticks and involve in development.
Tze Han and Ting Yi were there cutting out the foam that designed by words to decorate on the stage with the words "CLHS IU Day 2011" and "Discovering Africa". Actually those theme was I suggested out to the committees. I do website and Facebook event to run the publicity well on this event.
There I was learning on how to tide both bamboo sticks together with only the thin rope. It needs some skills on it when making a turn on the tide. Once that must be done is to make sure both bamboo sticks tided and can't even get removed. Stay tuned for the next post, I will post up the event photos of the IU Day 2011! Posted by GenYong 14.10.2011

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