Saturday, October 29, 2011

Helluva Halloween 2011

"Halloween is coming town!" Wait! Not christmas la! hahaa... Anyway, the Halloween celebration is now onwards until 31st October! Halloween was known as the western ghost festival which full with horror scene. But now the modern life, where got ghost? hahaha... This festival was just main for celebration and have fun of course!
Again I saw the celebration decoration at Queensbay Mall on yesterday. I still remember on the year 2009 I was there snapping for the halloween event. Two years had passed, this year I was there after my graduation ceremony at school. I was walking around the mall and saw the decoration there.
The design was themed as Helluva! Halloween. Same theme as previous years but different design. This year the design was full of spiders, above the stage still have the spider web and some spiders on top. I was like the design and it was unique produced by the organizer! Good job.
Yea... That's the stage view! The stage was designed with the pumpkins and some cemetery grave which full the words R.I.P or anything, turn the atmosphere like halloween night. But actually it was the design from the organizer! I like the design very much. So how are you going to celebrate this coming Halloween? Have fun on it! =) Horror! Posted by GenYong 29.10.2011


FiSh said...

only the stage is decorated? @@


GenYong said...

Actually the whole shopping mall got decorated but not too much. I think the stage is main for the halloween event! =)

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