Friday, August 26, 2011

Astro Talent Quest 2011 Finale LIVE (Part 1)

I did myself first time to witness the talent show LIVE in front of my eyes. The feeling of sitting inside the LIVE broadcast area was much different that you sitting in front of the television watching it! So I was glad to have the chance to watch it LIVE at the venue!
Previously, Astro Star Quest 2011 was held at Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) which near to my house. I tried to login to Astro Life website and request for the tickets, I was feeling lucky because I had received 2 tickets from Astro 2 days before the event.
Before the event started, those supporters and audiences went to have the light dinner first and of course the sponsors were there selling their products such as drinks, instant mee cup, sweets, snacks and so on! Not bad.
Actually before the LIVE broadcast session, the person who lead the atmosphere will cheer up and give a short briefing to the LIVE audiences first. After that they still have the countdown session for everyone and somehow was like a countdown concert into LIVE broadcast.
The atmosphere there was high and everyone was showing their supports to their favourite contestant. They also followed the instructions from the cheer and put up their hands to show the support for the event.
There you can see the countdown session had started... All the supporters started to cheer up the whole atmosphere! This you can't be watch in TV! *xD
There the LIVE broadcast had started... All the lights were in function! All supporters started to cheer like MAD!!!
All the contestant were out and performing the group song together! The starting atmosphere was so HIGH!! Supporters keep on cheering their favourite contestant's name!
This year all the finalist contestant were from other states. This year don't have Penang contestant go into final, if got there will be even HIGH!! This year Ying, Geraldine, Miko, Licus and Kim... all of them were so strong and they also represent Malaysia go and participate in Taiwan popular talent show Million Star 华人星光大道!
Luckily at last I get the front seat of VIP because there were some empty spaces left. So we go and fill up the places. I went there with my dad and really a good chance to watch LIVE. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts. This blog posts will be continue with videos some more! Check it out. Posted by GenYong 26.08.2011


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