Friday, August 19, 2011

NTV7 Yuan Carnival Pre-view

Last weekends, NTV7 media company was came to Penang to have their annual event Yuan Carnival 园游会. Last year they were here before at Shang Wu Primary School 商务小学 but this year they came to Han Chiang High School 韩江中学. The venue for this year is much bigger than last year, this year programmes was more than last year!
I was there because of my friends' invitation. So I am here to show you the pre-view of this post that I will post it up next! I am sure to those who had been there was enjoyed a lot through out the event! This event was good because it might encourage the relationship among the family members!
It's considered a fun and charity event to for chinese education! Not bad... Will post up more in the next post. Stay tuned! Posted by GenYong 19.08.2011

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