Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bayan Lepas - The New Township

My house is at Bayan Lepas, I am the originated Bayan Lepas boy! Since I was born, I live at Bayan Lepas until now. Living under the roof of old houses! From here, I get to know Malay, Chinese and Indian! It was a friendly town before in previously. But now....
Setia Pearl IslandSetia Pearl Island
Setia Show Village "Reflection Condominium"
Bayan Lepas was famous because of Penang International Airport was here! Many people will confuse about Sungai Nibong also considered as Bayan Lepas! OMG. Bayan Lepas coverage actually was big in previously, but now all split out to small town. Some town like Teluk Kumbar, Sungai Ara, Bayan Baru, Batu Maung, Relau, Sungai Nibong were developed into the advance now!
Setia Pearl IslandSetia Pearl Island
Since Setia Developer came into Sungai Ara, now all the housing projects were launched in this few years. Of course the price were not affordable for my family, it was now going up to RM 1 million! From a village town turn into a big town, I was starting to worry about my old house here!
Taken from Setia Show Village
But I was glad because now the small town turn to be more convenient compare to last time but the traffic jam problems was increased! More and more people moving into this small town. Last time people come to Penang International Airport and don't know much about Teluk Kumbar but now they knew it already!
Taken from Setia Show Village
Lastly, I hope that the new residents here will be as friendly as us! Making this town become more lively and more friendly! Bayan Lepas - always the friendly neighbourhood! Posted by GenYong 13.08.2011

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