Monday, August 22, 2011

Food Gallery @ Penang Times Square

A few weeks ago, I went to Penang Times Square Food Gallery with my parents! Food Gallery in Times Square was opened since the month of March this year. Penang Times Square Management team had designed out the whole plans and target for gaining customers to their shopping mall! Well, Food Gallery seriously was gained a lot of people to be there and the response sounds good!
The view inside the Penang Times Square. The actual location was at the 1st floor of the shopping mall. The kitchen area for Food Gallery was so big can be said that the biggest food gallery ever in Penang Island!
There was various types of local food, japanese food, hong kong food and many more to choose. It's a good choice for the Penangites or Penang Traveller to enjoy their meal here. Inside the food gallery, any food also have! You can taste the local malay style food, nyonya style food, indian food, oriental style food and even more! The price was low but serves with tasty!
Walking around the food gallery and I found that the price there was moderate but they really served the good meals to customers. When I was there, I saw a lot of people crowded there to wait for their lunch! The kitchen was clean and mostly they are using modern cooking! Environment good with air conditioner!
Singapore Style Fried Bihun.
Local Loh Mee.
Chicken Lunch Set.
Mango Ice Blended.
Local Ice Kacang.
We had ordered a few food from there. I was ordered Singapore Fried Bihun for RM 3.90 each plate, my mum's local loh mee RM 4.00, my dad's chicken set lunch RM 9.00. Mango Ice Blended and Ice Kacang was RM 2.50 each! The price was moderate but they served with quantity and quality! Not bad... The best thing is having lunch there no need to pay tax and you can even enjoy the environment there with the WiFi service provided!


Ahning ♥ said...

The food really nice dao baoooooo ! :D

Abourezk James said...

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