Saturday, August 20, 2011

70th CLHS Graduates Artworks

I am one of the 70th Chung Ling Graduates for this year. But I am not joining the Graduate Magazine Production Team due to my personal reason. Last year they were recruiting people to join in the team, but I think twice and at the end didn't join it. This is because I scared my studies can't cope up in the end.

Anyway, I was at the back supporting them, give them ideas and suggestions, helping them to get more creative ideas. I admit that I am not so good in everything, only boleh tahan in something! The most I like was designing, I like it since last year when I joined Leo Club. Now I am no longer my school Leo member, so I take the chance to make some artworks for 70th Graduates!
I had posted at Facebook to let everyone to comment. I received a lot of positive comments and improved steps by steps! Not bad, at least I am learning! Thanks to those pro graphic designers. So if you are having any comments, you can comment under this blog post as well! Thanks. Posted by GenYong 20.08.2011


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