Saturday, August 13, 2011

5SB4 Branding Stuffs

Branding is important, now even my class 5SB4 also do branding on Facebook! This was not a big scale of branding, we are just a community of friends and not profitable organization so just a small scale will do. Since I was joined Leo Club, I had learnt the word of "Branding" and how to use it. From Lion Alan Thoo, I get to know the A.I.M.S (Advance Internet Marketing Strategy) concept and using Facebook to do marketing!
It was not bad and it also attracted me to deep into my design artwork. I admit that my design not good as those pro graphic designers, I was just try to improve more from the basic. I had designed a lot of the badges for my club Leo Club of Chung Ling High School in previously. Now as my classmates requested, so I contribute for my class!

What I want to say here is 5SB4 2011 is always being there because we all play together before! I had designed the poster for the class and the logo for the class! The T-shirt design will be coming soon before this year ends. =) Posted by GenYong 13.08.2011


Bwahahaha~ said...

Haha awesome stuff! I was 5SB4 too! Albeit back in 2007! xD

heng_泽恒 said...

"heng tai" im here!!! no have a place to leave a chat??

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