Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Last Cross Country Run 2011

I had my last cross country run on the 8th April 2011 which held at Penang Municipal Council Park (formerly named as Youth Park). It was the annual event for Chung Ling High School. I had missed to run for 2 years due to the duties for my societies. This year is my last year so I must run for it!
As early as usual, I reached there 6.30am something and there was still dark so I took this photo on 7am something! Many of the students were there preparing to run and take the attendance from teacher!
The Trio! From left Darren Ooi, Bear You Loong, Cheng Kai!! Three of them are 70th Graduation Magazine committees too! Darren is the Chairman! =)
Wow I spotted you were drinking McDonald's breakfast coffee! Eng Keat was there grabbing people's coffee and putting some drops inside his mouth! Chun Jie was there looking at me spotted him! Quite funny la...
Walked to the field after settled for attendance, many brothers were there ready for their position! Get ready with their pose and waiting for run and camera shooting!
Jing Hui, Wei Zheng, Jen Sheng were posing to the camera!!
The funny Kah Lok pointing at Jia Wei's head! This shot get a lot of likes in Facebook! Nice =)
Zhong Jian and Guang Ian who was my Form 3 classmate before. Do you still remember the 3TA1 features? I still remember we were playing around!
Yo Randy Cheah! who was my 3TA1 classmate! A featured guy and now he turns more handsome and mature! Look at his hairstyle! He was so IN!! LOL
My 4SB3 classmates, from left Chee Weng, Chuen Tak, Wei Ming, Min Shen and Jeremy! I spent the year 2010 with them! Some of them were funny, naughty, noisy but all of them were my good friends! 4SB3 the memories still there!
KCC Band main singer, Way Yang showing High-5 style with Jun Ming! KCC Band... is a new band formed since last year! Mainly on some English latest hitz... modified and sang out their own style!
The guitarist De Quan, he is also a well comic artist! KCC Band is his brand!!
Chee Meng and my best brother Ivan Lim was there posing to me!
Both "keat" sportsmen! Tevis Looi and Ben Lim!
The Wireless Chairman and Astronomy Chairman! Xin Gen and Well Shen!
Yo my action group brothers! Kai Shyan and Kuan Jin... we always working together, discussing together, playing together and we swear we had service to school for 5 years!
After the run, I was snapping around and collected plenty of the Ring Tabs for my Leo Club charity project. Saw Wen Yan who was the librarian in school. Snap a shot for them!
As usual like previous years, colourful on the ground... got red, yellow, blue, green and purple! Chit chatting, cheering, talking, playing were happened among the boys!
Yes! He is Ben Lim, who won the award for the Top 3 runners! He was a well student, school result good, sports also good! Nice =) Posted by GenYong 25.05.2011


Ahning ♥ said...

Yall run IN youth park ?
We run till the roadside =.=

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