Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MD 308 Leo Forum 2011 Day 1

In the end of May, I had participated in the Leo Forum 2011 trip to Johor Bahru for the annual function for Leo Club. Last year was at Ipoh whereas this year was held at Johor Bahru. Sorry for late posting this. This year the MD 308 Leo Forum was organized by B1 Leo Clubs which based at Johor, Pahang, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan.

The event venue was the ZON REGENCY HOTEL by the sea located at Johor Bahru. This was my first time went to Johor. Travelling so far from Penang to Johor Bahru, roughly 7 hours bus travelling from midnight until morning, we finally reached there! Johor has given me some impression, I will write about it for upcoming posts.
The event started on 2.00pm and all Leos were gathered inside the Grand ballroom of the hotel. Lions were sending their speeches to us and talk about the leadership for us! Club banners presentation were held inside the ball room too!
This was my President Leo Lester Panai Labung in his cowboy costume!
After the forum theme talk, there was the fellowship nite which everyone dressed like cowboys and cowgirls. The theme for that night was "WILD, WILD, WEST". All boys and girls were like landed to the "Western Farming Village" All in cowboys and cowgirls style!!
The Guest of Honour MD 308 Council Chairperson Lion Wong Chang Wai were invited to host the opening ceremony of the fellowship nite. The Forum Organizing Committees had prepared a fun game for him as the opening ceremony for that night.
The game was a bag of stuffs hanging on the stage and Lion Wong will be instructed by the Leos and take a stick to hit on the stuffs until it dropped. But Lion Wong was covered by a piece of cloth and just listen to the Leos's instruction.
The organizing committees also prepared a dinner pre-starting session and it was so dramatic. It seems to be like last time people try to cook everything in one big bowl and serve to others. Nice performances and thanks to the hotel waitress too!
Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis President Leo Potter Fong was presented his voice on the song 我爱的人 which sang by Yoga 林宥嘉. Nice performance and he can really be the star in the future!
Leos from Penang were busy chit chatting and interacting with each others. Their aims is to know all the Penang Leos first before going to know other states Leos! MD 308 Leo Forum was organized to encourage Leos to know well each other and gathered every Leos to share out their ideas.
Based on the theme that night, we were all wearing into "wild" style! The cowboy, cowgirls style. Proud to have a photo shoot with the best dressing team! =) Really nice.
Our Leo District President 2011-2012 Leo Ch'ng Kok Sheng were joining us to snap the photo together! It was so cool and so fun to enjoy on the fellowship night! Region 1, Penang Leos ROAR!
Selangor Leos also have fun on that day to yam seng with all Leos! What a memories session and happy ever! Everyone was so enjoy on that night. As you can see they were so MAD on that night! Cool =)
Pei Jia from Penang Chinese Girls High School were presented her best song ever! It was an English song... It was so romantic song and she success to gain the claps from all the Leos! ROAR! =)
Khai Lun, Samm was so high and clapped their hands to show the support to Pei Jia!
The Selangor Leos were performing a Line Dance and at the end they success to get all the Leos to have fun with them on the stage. The atmosphere there was so high!
The organizing committees also wishes those Leos who has their birthday on the month of May and June! It was so cool and they searched many birthday boys and birthday girls there! They sang the birthday song together, cut the cake together! It was so fun.
The most high part was the foot loose part! Every Leos gathered in front of the stage and all the tables were switched off to side.... DJ, start music then everyone start to dance and make the atmosphere remain high for nearly one hour! Cool. It was so high and make my friends felt so awesome on Leo Forum!
Everyone was getting as well as me! Dance on the floor. Wae Samm was there leading everyone to be dance either hip hop, break dance and everything that he could dance! Suddenly I feel that we were clubbing that time! It was so awesome =) I missed that night... Posted by GenYong 05.07.2011


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