Monday, December 6, 2010

ECO Christmas Decorations

Christmas month is coming. Now is already December! Sorry guys for long time no update this blog again. Recently I was so busy with the holidays trip, Leo Camp and just passed Leo Day! Now at least I can breathe a bit. Actually more to come la! When I went to Genting Highlands, I saw something ECO.
I saw this when I arrived at Genting Highlands. This thingy was located in front of Genting Hotel! I think this year they are based on the ECO concept to make this! It's really meaningful and really go green!
It's really creative and ECO based! They used the empty big bottle to make in the christmas tree shape! Everything is recycle and reusable. I like this so much since I supported ECO friendly products always. Genting rocks! GOod job to them.

Penang State Government lead the first to turn the Cleaner Greener Penang... rocks! Posted by GenYong 06.12.2010


Ms. Amanda said...

that christmas tree is great! awesome!

Anonymous said...

Tener un día DINAMITA mi amigo!

Abourezk James said...

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