Thursday, December 16, 2010

1st Avenue Pre-Look

A Penangite you should know some updates about Penang property and latest shopping malls around us. So this year end, Penang Island added 2 new shopping malls in the town! The first one is 1st Avenue which located at Komtar City Centre whereas another one is Straits Quay which located at Seri Tanjung Pinang.
1st Avenue is a newly built shopping malls neighboring with Prangin Mall and Komtar. Since it opened so now the Komtar City Centre already fully used! ICT Mall@Komtar also opened recently and now the Komtar is alive again! Well done Penang State Government.
Inside the building are using those modern building materials... Maybe it's still new so you can observe that the whole mall is quite clean and new look! Fresh new look. But the space is a bit small from my opinion. The mall developer still put up the screen to advertise the latest sales updates or deals for shopper's information! Good.
The 1st time you went there of course you will excited to go up to the top floor Cloud 8. On the top floor contains of Karaoke, Cineplex, Entertainment Zone! It's so cool when you try to go up that floor. In between 5th, 6th and 7th floor there are all carpark! Then you can see the town view when you travelling with escalator.
The Karaoke Box there is Red Box retailed on it and they are doing promotion for the new outlet. It seems to be the biggest Karaoke Box in Malaysia! Looks cool. I went in before and it's exactly so high class! Nice. Will post up soon! Alright, now they are doing the promotion RM 1 K song. So had you been there already? If not yet please move fast before 18.12.2010 This Saturday!
You view see the crowd some sort like this in front of Red Box. Many of them are waiting for the RM 1 K Song. It's really worth but you must have some patient! 1 day 200 customers first come first serve! Wow. Perhaps you paid to go in, quite cheap for the fare. Will tell you guys later!
On that floor, there are still have some entertainment lots coming soon! Cloud 8 is the floor for fun! So shoppers you can enjoy yourself there while you feel bored after shopping! Alright, stay tuned for the next updates. Posted by GenYong 16.12.2010


benooi said...

I cant wait for the new TGV cinema!

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