Thursday, December 9, 2010

Walk around at Mid Valley

On the 1st day when we arrived at KL, we went to Mid Valley City Centre to have a shopping. Dad drove the car fetching 9 of us to there to have the shopping. I didn't buy anything from there just walk walk at the shopping complex. Mid Valley in my mind was a very crowded shopping heaven at KL. The things there are all in reasonable price, not really branded but the price not bad!
We parked our car at B89 The Gardens car park. The car park is a lot but also a lot of cars come in. That day I remember we searched for car park nearly half an hour! OMG... KL really crowded of people and a lot of cars. When you saw a space to park then you have to move quickly, if not other people will grab it first!
From the car park, we straightly walk into The Gardens mall! Wow I like the mall design, it's so nice and you can feel that you are just standing on the glass when you walk the way! The shining and clean design make the mall looks so high class and nice!
My uncle and cousin again! Cool. They were my first to snap at this mall. Nice action! xD.
I kinda like this view. I really can feel that I was at the garden to shop because in the middle of the mall the management still plant some trees there! It's so green concept. I like it very much! The high class of mall really so extreme!
Wow it's a crossover bridge specially made to combined Mid Valley Shopping Mall and The Gardens Mall! So you can park your car at any mall and walk around! It's so systematic if compared with Penang Island I don't think now we can make this. The crossover bridge is so comfortable and still with air-conditioned. It's not same like local Komtar shopping mall having the lousy crossover bridge!
When KL people come to Penang Queensbay Mall, they will said the mall was look like Mid Valley. At first I not so believe but now I have to admit it because it really looks alike for the middle part of the mall! The Central Zone was so round but just Queensbay Mall has the special characteristic on the top floor! I like it very much.
When you walked around to Mid Valley shopping mall. You can see the crowd of peoples! Especially on weekends, OMG it's really crowded. The restaurant there still need to queue up for places and each shop will have at least 5 customers inside. Really cool! Compared to Penang, still far to go!
Went into MPH bookstore, reading some books and plenty of books there. I am not a good reader, I don't like books because they are boring! So I just look around, walk around and search for some information about the latest news topic.
That day Maxis was doing the iPhone 4 exhibition on the entrance hall of the Mid Valley mall! OMG crowded of people signing up the package and wait for their iPhone 4 to arrive. I hope to get one but it's always the dream. Wait until I work one day, only think of it la! xD. So overall what I can say, KL shopping malls are more than Penang... the management system is better than Penang! Penang shopping malls, add oil! Posted by GenYong 09.12.2010


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