Monday, December 13, 2010

Travel to Balik Pulau

In previous month, I traveled to Balik Pulau alone to find my friend who are living at there. Actually Balik Pulau for my mind is like a hillside and there contains a lot of kampung houses or anything but since that time I changed my mind. Balik Pulau now is the nice place to live. You can really relax your mind and enjoy the peace there! The housing projects are increasing now and many house investors are grabbing the chance to buy the houses there!
Travel in Rapid Penang, you just need to pay RM 2.00 from Bayan Lepas that I live there. It's quite cheap la actually because the route to Balik Pulau is going up hill... worth it! XD
On the way, you will see the construction area was working up there. They are building the new road and shorten the distance from Teluk Kumbar to Balik Pulau. It's a good project for future development but this construction already build quite long time still not yet complete. That's why they are wasting money there!
You can see that the construction is on going! I think they need about 1 year plus to complete the whole project! Haiz... this is Penang, do things so slow.
When you arrived at Rapid Penang Balik Pulau bus station, you will see the Balik Pulau new market is just on your right hand. The modern new building was the new market. Since 3 years ago, the old market was never been used and all the market shopkeepers are requested to move in this new market! From my opinion, I feel that the old market place is more strategic for business!
Besides that, you can see a lot of new modern houses around the new market. I believe in future 5 years, the popularity here will increase! That time maybe Balik Pulau already turn to the new town seems like Bayan Baru. Looking forward but Penang still need the green place, don't over develop ya! After 5 years, let see how Penang changes. Posted by GenYong 13.12.2010

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