Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Visit to IKEA Furnitures City (Part 2)

IKEA is the largest Furnitures Store in Malaysia. It located at Damansara City and having over 100,000 customers per week. Wow I visited it since last month when I went to KL. Let's continue writing on it. Let's see on the special of the mall!
Yes it's IKEA. I think it's the only branch at KL! The furnitures at there were so unique and special. It suits everyone's mind also!
Tables and chairs section. I could see that there were a lot of unique shapes of chairs and really feel comfortable when you sit on it. The tables are quite suitable to put in reading room and good for reading actually. Not bad!
Quite an artistic style on the stuffs holder on wall. You can put some magazine or books on the V shape holder. Besides that it's also look nice and creative when you put on your reading room. It might fresh up your mind on reading books.
Besides large furnitures, IKEA also sell some little stuffs like photo frames and some unique things to decorate your house. You can find a lot of artistic and nice items there to decorate your house!
As you can see, there also selling those unique house decorations and really could attract your eyes and buy it. We stayed there for long time and my dad also had come out with some ideas on decorate my new house too.... Quite nice.
Conclusion, IKEA is the best place to buy furnitures with lower price. The furnitures there mostly is DIY so if you stay in other state you can go over to KL and buy then fix it yourself follow the instructions of IKEA provided. Posted by GenYong 29.12.2010


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