Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Steps at The Gardens, Mid Valley

Wow finally get my steps on The Gardens, Mid Valley shopping mall! Since I went to Kuala Lumpur in 3 years ago (year 2007) The Gardens and The Pavillion Mall was just opened there! This year I went is the 3rd year they operating the shopping mall! Wow, I can feel that the time is moving so fast. By the way, really thanks to my cousin for bringing us to this mall!

For this post I just post up some group photos of me with my dad, uncle, aunt and cousins. It's pretty cool to have a photo in front of The Gardens building. I understand it's not so nice compared to Pavillion but in my mind it's still nicer than Penang buildings!
First model is my cousin Keegan boy with his dad my uncle! I quite like this photos because it looks so real while I taken on it. Quite nature and you can see my naughty cousin's action! XD
This one I like it very much because this is really sweet family group photos. My naughty cousin Keegan with his parents who are my aunt and uncle! I have to send them this picture and call them to print it out hanging at their home. XD!
Actually I have a lot of cousins but just only 1 sister. My cousins Jun Meng and Hao Ming was standing with us together with my sister and dad of course my little cousin Keegan too! This is the nice photos we had on the day! It's so cool. I like it so much! Still left 2 more elder cousins Pui Moon and Ai Moon who were busy on that day, so they didn't join us.
Up next, my another aunt were taking photos with my naughty Keegan cousin together with his mum! The smiling face was snapped by me! XD
Besides taking The Gardens Mall as the background, we also turn the way to Mid Valley as the background. The view is not bad and there were crowded of people walking up and down on the street! Seriously I can say Kuala Lumpur is a busy city ever!
Lastly I could see those children were there to have fun when seeing the water up and down in front of the building. The joyful of them really lost on mine, my time is over I am going to more mature doing more important things especially studies... So kids do enjoy your kiddies time ya! Posted by GenYong 08.12.2010


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