Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Last Day @ 4SB3 2010

Done the whole form 4 syllabus, exam over and it's holidays now! Review back the last day at my class 4SB3. I was so touch when spending the last day with my classmates and concluded that this year is going to end. Anyway, that day was still exam for the English paper but we were too excited and almost is just like a day before holidays!
That day we were returning our SPBT books. There were light weight in my cupboard after returning all the textbooks.
Some of them started to played the chess but some of them still busy to settle their work before the schools end!
They were my classmates! Some of them pro in exam... some of them pro in gaming... some of them pro in reading novels... some of them pro in playing football and even some of them pro in sleeping in class! OMG... XD
I took a photo with them! 4SB3 rocks!
I don't know who took this shot when we were checking the photos that we take on YL Bear's camera. Checking on the nice shot and those funny shot in his camera.
Had a photo with my class "Big Brother" Chong Yee! After that, I was playing with the umbrella. Opening up the umbrella and play around! The last day in school should be playing around right? XD.
These two photos were taken after the English paper exam! Wow it's rocks and thanks to everyone for spending their time for stay back to take the group photos together. It was happening on last Tuesday! I really thanks to everyone who spent the fun time in class 4SB3! Hope that next year we can meet again. Posted by GenYong 24.11.2010


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