Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pesta Sukan Scrabble Competition

Starting the month of December, I was so busy in the first week and everyday I was not at home for day time. Busy for Leo Day preparations, meetings and also scrabble competition. I was invited by my senior Christopher Loh to participate on this competition. Since we are GBBM members, so he called up me to participate on it.
Oh gosh, I was the first time playing scrabble too. I don't know how to play and now still competition? From my opinion, scrabble is just a kind of game testing for your vocabulary and English spellings. But after tried, it so hard to handle the game... I give up.
I was participate with my friend Benjamin Chwee who really pro in English. Wow finally he get the 2nd prize for the competition and it's proud of Chung Ling High School. I also have to thank him for giving me the scrabble as the present! Thank you very much, Ben!
The whole competition last for 3 days... It attracted students from other state to participate. But for Penang State just 4 of us participated. Anyway, for your information the game consist of malay, chinese and indian really 1 Malaysia. All of them really good in English and were so lucky on getting those suitable letters for their words.
The scrabble competition was held at the Kompleks Sukan Belia with opposite USM. The place inside was quite okay but just full of malay facilities and most of the participants were malays... I don't know why, maybe chinese not so interested on this kind of sports..
Scrabble looks like easy, but when you play you really have to think a lot and you might panic when the time is still running! It was helping to brainstorm yourself and dig out more English words on that.
I didn't stay to the last because that week my schedules was really packed. So I gave up the whole competition and I just went there to have some look on them, learnt some new English words. Conclusion for the events were quite nice and it let me learnt a lot of things and knew a few of new friends. Posted by GenYong 21.12.2010

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