Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wood crafting presentation

Last month, I mentioned a lot in the twitter that I was crafting for the wood in Art subject. Recent posts I also got show you some of the view. Until today the project pass up for one week more, this is the really nice which taken on the eve of day passed up. Let me show you some of the photos that I shot:
Wood Crafting
In this case, I can realize that I'm not a pro wood crafter. You can see how I put my effort in smoothen the surface of crafting. Beginning it is really terrible 'kasar'. I used a lot of sand papers to smoothen it until it being so 'nice'.
This one of the project and also a souvenir for us. According to my art teacher, she said we make the useful things is to remember the pass of our while in future. What we did now is pass through future. She just make an example, she said if we do this nicely, our next generation will praise on us, if not then can let the rubbish bin to 'keep' it! Is it funny? =)

The almost happy is today while my class team score the football 1-0. Not really pro result within 20 minutes playing, but can see that players are all tried their best! Tomorrow is the handball, I hope that our class can be win in this match! Alright, tomorrow I will bring my camera through and try to snap for you all and see! Posted by GenYong 12/08/2008

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