Friday, August 29, 2008

Proud of China. Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony

Got opening sure got closing. Sorry for delayed this post because of I posted the by-election posts. At here i need to congratulate sama Anwar Ibrahim, our future prime minister. Avoid to start politics talk, we start at our closing ceremony of Beijing 2008.

Last Sunday night, a ceremony of ending Beijing 2008 started. As I searched from Flickr, I found that China people owned a nice DSLR shooting skills. It is cool. Let see the photos below:Show you all of the Beijing 2008 Olympic photos. This photos is grabbed from Flickr. You can see that the fire on top of the stadium is extinguished and it proof that Olympic is ended. You can see there was London and Beijing performances and Leona Lewis was singing. Posted by GenYong 30/08/2008

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