Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Recently I watched this movie trailer before while I was watching the Indiana Jones on passed holidays(04/06/2008) night. I still remember that night is the most crowded of vehicles day, because the petrol price was hike up. I slightly forgot this, because I was not take my camera there because of takut tak sempat(outside is crowded that time). Alright just ignore it, now we discuss about the new movie was now showing in cinema. The Incredible Hulk, do you heard before it?
There was the trailers here, it got three versions of trailer. Which one you prefer?

Click in GSC cinema online or TGV cinema online to book your tickets today. It's a nice movie, I am going to watch. Check it out yo! Posted by GenYong 14/06/2008 The Hulk is coming to world now!


simonso said...

going for the nuffnang thing?

Luwis Hamilton said...

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