Thursday, February 23, 2012

MYAstro CNY Carnival 2012 (Penang)

On 30th January 2012, I had visited to Khoo Kongsi. During Chinese New Year visit to heritage sites anything? Actually my KL aunt had requested me to buy the MyAstro Happy Dragon stuffs for them. I went there by rapid bus in the earlier morning and arrived there around 9am. When I was there, the queue line was quite long outside the Khoo Kongsi.
Everyone was lining up outside the Khoo clan, outside means just beside the road. I was quite familiar with the place because I was always been there in the year of 2009 when I was involved in the Heritage Heboh program by Anak-anak Kota. Wait there around few hours to get into the building until the event started on 12pm.
That time around 10am the astro company workers had arrived to the place, everyone was standing in the position and continue lining up in the entrance of the Khoo Clan. I am the 50th person on that time, can't believe that I can get 50th out of 288 persons. Cool! Most of the people lining up there were adults who haven't back to work after the spring holidays, I seldom saw any students skipped the school and lining up to buy the Happy Dragon stuffs!
Inside the Khoo Kongsi, everything had ready with the exhibition booths, games booth and even the stage also decorated with banners and Happy Dragon. It was so awesome and efficient to those people working on this after the CNY Cultural Celebration had just happened on the passed night. There were so tidy and neat! Nice one.
There was quite a lot of early birds came to line up to get themselves for buying the limited edition happy dragon stuffs too. For this carnival, Penang was the last stop for the Astro team so everyone was here rushing to buy the limited edition stuffs back! I was the one too, but I was not buying for myself, it's for my cousins! Lining up under the hot sun was quite tough, luckily I brought along my cap! There you can see even aunties uncles also came to line up for buying those stuffs!'
Before the crowds start buying for the T shirts and Happy Dragon Mascot, the officers had walked around to show us the sizes of the T shirts and of course they distributed the tickets coupons for everyone. So that means each person can just buy once for one item. Somehow I cooperate with the people there call somebody to buy the shirt for me since he only want to buy the mascot. That's the way!
Both mother and daughter were looking for the size of T shirt and deciding which size to take. You know why? Once you had make the decision, no change were allowed on that moments, so no regrets! That day there were two sizes available for adults, S and M sizes only. There was the tickets that I get from the officers, so once you get this tickets you can't even lost it, because they were based on this tickets to sell you those stuffs!
Lining up under the hot sun for hours was so tough, but for the purpose to buy those stuffs! I had overcome the toughness. Anyway, I had spent over RM 100 to buy those stuffs for my cousins. Cool, 3 shirts each cost RM25, 2 mascots each cost RM 28.80. Only in the morning, Astro can earn over RM 15K as my calculation! However, there was quite lot games prepared for everyone and of course together with the plenty of prizes waiting people to win! I wasn't wait until the artist to come due to my tiredness and tends to prepare for praying jade of emperor on that night... So I back earlier, that's all! Posted by GenYong 23.02.2012


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