Friday, February 10, 2012

Chung Ling CCA Open Day 2012 SR.2

Let's continue with previous post about the co-curriculum open day in my high school. Back to high school, the best things to do was to reunion with friends, chit chatting with them and of course say hi to our previous teachers! So for that day I also walked around the school compound witness for our juniors did their job on preparing the recruitment drive....
Here come to Bomba Cadet and Scouts' turn! By the way, I was not Bomba cadet nor scout in high school but I love to see their activities. I have some friends who were from Bomba cadet and also scout, all of them were so friendly and kindly share with us about their experiences. They showed me how to cook something by using charcoal and bamboo sticks, how to tide the structure by using bamboo sticks and for bomba one taught me how to put off fire by using powder form or water form fire burner.
Here come almost my scouts friends, they were quite friendly and active in scouting activities. They were rocks and organized the scout gathering on 6 months ago and of course they did a lot of events before in the school throughout this 5 years of secondary school life. One of my friend You Loong was the scout committee too and he did share with me about their awesome experiences like troop trip or any tough trainings. It sounds so cool and awesome!
I was lucky to have my friend You Loong as one of the committee of scout in previous years. I was quite familiar with the scout dent and the place was really awesome! A good camping site. On that day, all the scouts were worked on the banners hanging, bamboo sticks tiding, showing off their artworks, explaining the benefits to be a scout and bla bla bla... The best one was the nice intro for newcomers!
I visited the school hall section too, as inside there have computer club, arts club, calligraphy club and also robotic club. Quite nice inside like Arts Club, they showed out their nice artworks like wood craving, batik painting, shoes painting and many more creative stuffs! For computer club, they show you how to use Adobe products and some IT features! Robotic of course show you how they control and play through the tiny robotic items...
Lastly I visited the other side of the school. Saw my previous moral teacher Ms Khor and she's now leading the choir club. She is a kind teacher and keen to share something with students. I believe that choir club can be better under her leading. This year choir club was quite creative using the tactics of playing guitars to attract the newcomers to join them! I believe all of them can be the international stars in one day later =) Posted by GenYong 10.02.2012

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