Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snake Temple CNY Celebrations

Chinese New Year is almost ending soon! Sorry for my late update due to my working had started a few dyas ago! Let's see what happening at Snake Temple on the 6th of CNY! Actually it's on 5th of CNY and it was the birthday of the god there!
The celebrations last for a few days according from my dad but the actual date was fall on 6th of CNY! So on the eve, you could see a lot of people there praying for the prosperity of the Dragon Year! It was crowded as many people there and seeking a place to put their joss sticks and the temple was turn to be so lively in that night!
I had taken some photos inside the temple about their the praying stuffs there! The temple had renovated before as I was too long didn't been there! Inside the temple there was fixed with air-cooler and smoke absorber but since that day was crowded and the whole atmosphere turned to be hot and smoky! However, because of praying everyone has to tolerate it!
In snake temple, of course you can see the snake rolling up at the rattan hold on the table! Don't scare, it won't bite you! I think they were sleeping at the moment and didn't respond at all! However, went there must be careful especially children, don't play with the snakes ya! xD.
On that night, they were doing the 请火仪式 means asking the god about the prosperity for everyone in this brand new year! From this ceremony, you can do the reference about the whole year luck in Penang or maybe for you and your family! Remember, it is just the reference and not really accurate for everyone! Somehow, to make yourself success, first you must work smart and hard! xD 
There was really crowded! Some of them even brought their whole family came from outstation for this celebration! People said got pray, you can get good luck from god that's why so many people there and make the whole temple turned to be so lively. One more thing to say, the temple even not enough electric supply and getting electric shocked in the moment and all black out! Cool. 
So at the end the crowds never end until we went home, really crowded! At last about 1am, we went back from there and took some smoke from the god praying to let ourselves staying in the prosperity life in this new Dragon Year! Chinese New Year still left 2 more days, so how are you going to celebrate before the end of Chinese New Year? Posted by GenYong 04.02.2012


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