Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Foyi Camp 2011

Hello everyone, I was so missed all of you here! Recently I was quite busy and packed with my working life. Well, today I off from the work and having my car practical, I can drive soon! =) Anyway, today let me review back December moments that I had in Foyi Camp.
Foyi Camp actually was organized by Penang Foyi Association which is one of the buddhist association in the town! I knew this association through my Leo Club previously and I had involved myself in few activities that organized by them! Their activities were awesome and yet I could learn many things from there too!
Foyi Children Camp was organized to the 13th, means 13 years already! It will happen on the end of year middle of the December. The camp are welcoming the children 9-12 years old to join with us, learn with us about the knowledge of buddha!
All the children were having their first lunch at there! See how they eat politely and before that they will pray and greet the words before they starting eating! Cool. All the children were quite good and of course they were friendly and active involving in every activities!
This camp last for 3 days 2 nights, I was there involving as the volunteer instructor to take care of the children! I still remember my team was the No.4 team and our team name called 孝敬礼仪 which means we have to respect everyone and being polite in the community!
There in the evening, all the children were lining up and wait for their turns to bath. Well, I really respect on them because the toilet was not really nice to have bath! I can't stand for the smell, but no choice because this is the primary school! 3 days there still okay la! =)
On the Day 2, the organizer were arranging everyone having the group photo! This year the T shirt was matching Blue and Purple, instructors were all Purple whereas the participants were all light blue! All the children there were so cute and friendly! Quite fun spending my 3 days with them!
Here come to the last night of the camp! It's the wonderful night and also the performances night for all the participants. Well, as the instructors like us also involved in teaching them for dancing, acting or singing and at last performing with them also! That night, all the parents were welcomed by the organizer to witness their kids' performances! I liked that night very much and it was really fun, full of laughters and sweats too! =)
For the end of the night, we were having the group photo for each group with all the participants. Here come to the end of our job and also the last night of the camp. It was quite fun for 3 days camp and I learnt a lot of  skills on solving the problems, get rid with all the kids around! =) 
Here come the Day 3 and also the last day for all the kids here! Everyone was going to say goodbye and going home soon! There you can see everyone was busy taking signatures from us and of course the big boss Chin Lai, he was the camp captain!

Everyone was there sitting on the floor waiting for the closing ceremony to be completed! The last chance singing the camp song, last chance hearing Eric's voice (the MC), last chance to talk with us and many more.. But I hope that next year I could join this camp again and being an instructor again to have fun with all the kids there! Conclusion, some kids were mature thinking, some kids were playful, some kids were quiet, so as an instructor, you need to guide them and make them into the team! Posted by GenYong 28.02.2012 


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