Monday, February 20, 2012

Guang Ming Daily CNY Celebrations P2

Continue from previous blog post, Guang Ming Daily CNY Celebrations really awesome! There was also having the local chinese food like hakka, hokkien or cantonese traditional food. Since it was CNY, many people took the chance to taste on the different kind of food!

Besides that, there were selling a lot of stuffs too. Like cosmetics items, unique artistic small stuffs, souvenirs and some CNY items too. Those booths were suborganized by the Kaka arts workshop, a community arts association which famous in KL. I think this was a good way to show people more about Malaysia local arts.
There was a paper cutting section from a china sifu. This was not a simple paper cutting, it needs a lot of time and efforts cutting out the shapes. Those shapes were so complicated and it mixed with some chinese characters too. Those graphics were all created by this pro paper cutter. Since it was CNY season on that time, many people were there observing the steps that this sifu doing his paper cutting. It was so cool... really not an easy job!
The lighting CNY decorations inside the temple were decorated until so nice and neat. Really having the atmosphere of Chinese New Year. It's really a nice place for Butterworth people to have some religion events there! The lanterns were attracted my eyes especially the neatly order makes me feel like taking a photo on it! The theme was 好运一条龙 means Good Luck in the Dragon Year!
Conclusion Tow Boo Kong is a nice place to visit and it's one of the tourist spot in Butterworth too! I like the main building and I will find the chance to make the 2nd visit soon if I can! Tow Boo Kong just like our Penang Island Guan Yin Temple which located at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, the nice place and located at lively town Raja Uda. Posted by GenYong 20.02.2012


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