Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cameron Highland, where I dropped by.

Last weekend, I went to Cameron Highland for 2 days trip. Together with my family, my both aunt(father and mother's side) we travelled to Cameron Highland. The organizer of this trip was my cousin Deewei. He always been to Cameron Highland with his friends so he took us to travel around Cameron Highland.
NorthSouth Highway
When my uncle was driving along the North-South Highway, I saw the signboard of showing us way to Cameron Highland then I quickly took out my DC to snap for it.... still got 1 km to go.
What's the place
But actually 1 km to go means that you have to travel inside Ipoh then use the Ipoh 'old road' to reach the Cameron Highland. It takes a long time and a long distance travelling through the hillside. It's a new road from Simpang Pulai so the road won't so winding. It's a long time to reach Cameron Highland due to the mist.
Where am I
In the afternoon we reached Cameron Highland and travel a little distance to reach our hotel. I keep the answer first for the town name. See whether you know where the town located. If you been Cameron Highland you should get the answer. Guess can?
If you want to guess the answer can just ignore this photo. Because the photo above was snapped when we visited to the Tea Farm. I just using self taken photo to show you. The more photos will post up soon. Stay Tuned...
Give you another hint. Where the Star Regency Hotel located? If you know the place that's the answer. Come on... leave your answer as comment... can? The more photos taken in Cameron Highland will post up soon. Posted by GenYong 18.07.2009

P/s: Due to my PMR Examination and now is my preparation time. So sometimes I couldn't be updating my blog and I hope you can follow me on Twitter for what am I doing.

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