Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter - Half Blood Prince (Series 6)

Did you have movies fever since last month? Last month 24th Transformers 2 released, 2 weeks before Ice Age 3, last week is Public Enemies whereas this week the continuous series of Harry Potter released.
Credited from GSC
Waiting for a whole year, the movie finally released. The fans of Harry Potter were waiting for long time and now really released. By the way, did you watch it before? Or are you looking forward?The series of Harry Potter was released until the 6th episode. The last episode will be upcoming next on 2011 if everything go smooth. Since 2001 something, (I am not sure with the actual date of the first screening), the series of Harry Potter was started.The actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint were act since they were teenage. But now they already become the adults.

This series of Harry Potter make them become famous in the world and also makes them a good spirits and also a lot of incomes. In short term, I think this episode of Harry Potter will become more interesting and more changes coming.

You should go and take a look before you watch the final episode, the story is related. Posted by GenYong 16.07.2009

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