Thursday, July 30, 2009

Transformers Stuffs in 3D

Recent post I posted up some photos that taken in Transformers Exhibition. Now continue with the Part 2. Actually I found a lot of photos in my hard drive and I plan to buy a new external hard drive to support my photo storage. But the most have to wait until PMR finish first.
Tranformers 3D banner
Transformers is a new creative products by Michael Bay. He has an idea to transfer the comic series into an interesting movie. Don't forget that Transformers movie is full of actions and is in shiny 3D models. I think the movie is really takes a long time to direct. Now finally got the series 2, 2 years later maybe the series 3 is coming out... Looking forward.
Transformers in 3D
Every stuffs of Transformers is going to be 3D. Why 3D? Compare with last time when it was 1960's Transformers were just a series of comic. It attracted a lot of teenagers on that time read it. But now it has directed into a movie and refresh the readers mind.
Optimus Prime (Lorry)
Optimus Prime 2
Now what I want to show you here is Transformers main character Optimus Prime actually is formed from a lorry truck. Before it transform is just a simple truck and after transformed become Optimus Prime. Actually the features of both pictures on top is found on the same board. The board can transform from a lorry truck into one robot... Can you see?
Bumble Bee (Sports Car)
Bumble Bee
Next, there was Bumble Bee before transformed and after it transformed. Before transformed it is a sports car and after that become a robot. The same thing, these photos were taken on the same board. That's why it attracted a lot of Transformers stuffs collectors took a look and buy those stuffs. I don't think that board was cost a low price, plus that time was the Transformers fever and the price will not be less than RM100.

So what upcoming? 988 events @ Queensbay Mall, YE Sales 2009 ... Stay tuned.
P/s: I might not be update daily but I will try to update twice a week... Thanks! Posted by GenYong 30.07.2009

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