Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Party In The Park-Project Gossip

Hello readers. Sorry no updates for few days because of I was busy attending much of events and activities. Last night, I took part in a Grand Event which organized by Chung Ling High School KRS (Kadet Remaja Sekolah). I think this event photos I will post it up soon!

By the way on 28th of February, Gossip was organized a grand event in Esplanade (Padang Kota Lama). I attended this event for not more than 1 hour because that day I went to town for another function and walked pass the event.
Catch The Ball
There was a 3 on 3 Basketball ShowDown. My school have alot of representatives were taking part in this competition. I felt quite weird that why this game played on the Tar Road? How can the basketball survived? The basketball won't break? and also a question, won't the participate injured if they fell down! Played ball on the road, my first time seen! XD.
Street Dance
There was a street dance too. You can see almost the malays enjoyed in this section. They danced freely and perform out the street dane style! Besides malays, some chinese teenagers were joined them too.
Side Dance
For those who didn't have the chance yet to dance. They practiced at the side first for preparation. But I found that when they practice they will dance until go into the crowd. It's fantastic and almost enjoy the dance. The music was running frequencly and everyone was dissolved in the dance. XD!
Besides Basketball, Dancing and also have Gaming. The organizer provided the PS3 and let teenagers enjoy gaming in PS3. They enjoyed using the wireless control to play game and experience the good feel in playing games. PS3 is really cool! XD.

Anyway, this event was held sucessfully and it's a good event. At night, there was also have HitzFm DJ coming and some YBs too. They hosted the night concert and lets most of the teenagers go away. go safe. go celebrate! (the theme) I hope that next year will have more such events. Enjoy it!
Penang rocks and thank you Gossip!
Posted by GenYong 17.03.2009

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