Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heritage Shots

Hey guys, recently really busy until not enough sleep time. My PC keep lagging because of too many files and some virus was attacked in. I really fed up with this kind of problem as now I am hoping PC Fair faster come to the Penang and let me to buy a new External Hardisk! Backup everything and reformat my PC =)

Anyway, last week I went to town for Anak-anak Kota activity. It's a busy weekend for that time and I was keep rushing to each part of activity! By the way, that day I suffered for hotness, tiredness and many more ....ness! XD =)

When I walked back to my mum's office, I took quite a number of heritage shots. Come on let me show you some of them!
The shop
I found this shop interesting because of this house still living by residences. I found some artificial in it from the clothes hanging outside and the style of the old house in Georgetown(near Masjid Kapitan Keling)
The stall
How about the stall? There was one old Indian man selling mee goreng there. Together with the front have one trishaw and I quickly took out my camera to shoot for it! You can feel it contains of the local city style and classical in Georgetown.
The lanterns
But then, can you see this in such a big city or modern area? I tell you, you can find this in Georgetown. Where is it? It's located at Armenian Street and the building which name 福德祠. You can take a look at there when you travel at that side!

One more time I promote Penang, I love my hometown Penang! It's under the world heritage site, come and visit Penang. You will feel the difference! Posted by GenYong 22.03.2009

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