Sunday, October 12, 2008

Upcoming Events in Penang!

Long time no blog in my general blog. I am back for now because of my plenty of assignments in school, so I can just blog for 3-5 times a week. Recently I spent my time to design a banner for advertisement in upcoming year end events of Penang. Since the government changed in Penang, Democratic Action Party try to organize more events for Penangites to join it!

The most popular is the Penang Bridge International Marathon Run@16th November 2008. Even at Chung Ling High School, our gerko side also call us to support this out! I will support it and manage to take some photos at that day.

Recently you will know that the Pesta Penang is opened. Asean Culture Centre! This year pesta will starting from October until year end! Let most of people enjoy the fun@ Pesta. As well as let more tourist or penangites know more about Penang. Penang tourism management hosted a website. The style of this website is a blog idea. Since Penang is under heritage, many tourists are visiting Penang. This is the proud of Penangites!

Actually what I want to show you all is:
I done this by capture some pictures from Google. I put our dearest chief minister YAB Lim Guan Eng means that he guided us to the better future and take more and more tourists coming to Penang! The purpose of design this banner is to promote the Asean Culture Centre

Where is Pesta Penang?
If free must check it out! A new and fresh style of Pesta!
Posted by GenYong 12/10/2008

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