Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Raining Whole Day!!

Are you afraid after reading my title? Seriously, that's true!! Do you know why? I just heard from my father said that this was caused by the natural phenomena called "Salina"(in malay). It was cause an area raining for long period. But today morning just rain heavily. Then afternoon sun shine at the sky, but nearly evening there was clouds at the sky. Is began to rain!! Until now still drizzing... Really is the natural phenomena? Don't know about it, not sure!!
This few days I already talked that I was busy to maintain my blogs right? That's my achievements:

Is it look more nice? More fresh? New Look!! The sites are Music-CLHS 1T14 & IE-CLHS 1T14! Visit and give your comment!! We will improve more...

Besides maintain my blogs, you guess I was doing what? Everyone here who doesn't play online games? Sure you all will be play it!! Not Maple Story, that's Gunz la... But I was different than you!! I played what games? Just some minigames at Miniclip and also this:

Do this pictures look like Counter Strike? That's not Counter Strike!! Is Photosphor... If you intrested to play it, just click in www.rasterwerks.com. This game really cool!!Anyway, I am not forget about this^^^ My result... Tell you honestly, until now that's truely I not yet login this website. Not yet Sign Up!! I think that's the "stupid system" created by Tan Seong Hee. The result will be received on December soon, what for go and see? Wait patiently for the result la!!

Alright, this afternoon was electricity cut-off. Heard from peoples was the whole Penang get cut-off electricity. Seriously don't know why it will happened. My PC forgot to turn off then I walked away, then the electricity already cut-off. About 10 minutes later, the electricity refresh again. That's good news la for me!! But then I was felt tired and went to have a sleep until 6.00pm and woke up to watch my favourite drama. This was my activities of today. Really cool? Update Soon!! Support Me!!

By GenYong 20/11/2007

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