Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Template Again?!

A good news for you!! I already change my template!! Is it really cool? The old template was used on since 15/10/2007. Today I was changing my template become like there!!>>> Is it nice? This template was contained all blue colour, dark blue and sea blue mixed together... Really cool!! Think about that Christmas is coming soon, so i was changing this template. But don't worry, I will change again next month.

Long time no observed that my blog already activated 2 months until today. My blog was activate since 25th September 2007. Today is 25th November, a happy sunday that I have!!

Just followed my family went to have dinner at Pulau Tikus(near Gurney there). Now I was really feel full for having the delicious western dinner. Talk about yesterday, I had been in school for whole day. I was participated a trainning camp that organised by CLHS Junior Jaycees. The camp was really cool and shiok!! Just now morning woke up at about 9.00am, then followed my grandma to market for grocery shopping. I have a "wan tan mee" for my breakfast! Just a simple breakfast that I take.

Now is just notice about I was changed the new template!! For more information of today and yesterday, you can wait for tomorrow my post!! I sure will post it!!

Any problems and comments for this new template? You can simply leave your comment at the chatbox or leave in this article!! We will update our template as soon as possible!!
Thanks for support!!

Update Soon!! Support GenYong..... 25/11/2007(Sunday)


Anonymous said...

haha.....finally u got the code for the weather template already!!

GenYong said...

Thanks anonymous!! I will improve!! Thanks for support!! stay touch

Cybermate said...

I've been with you through so many blog templates.... so far, i still like the previous one best!

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