Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holidays doing what?

Hey guys, are you waiting for my new post? Sorry for you to wait longer period...

Yesterday night, i would like to update my blog. But I was "on duty" to tidy up my things(books, sationery etc.).... Although about 10.30 something, i get open my PC. But I am busy to maintain my blogging networks. That's IE-CLHS 1T14 and Music-CLHS 1T14. Really cool but now i am hardworking to improve it!!

While I am tidy up my things I found somethings. That's will be history la....
But let I show you:

This brouchers is from WoodFire Pizza. It was be received about three weeks ago. I think is when i was sitting for the exam, cause i saw it while i was doing revision last time.

Shock?! Don't afraid!! This is not I stole from peoples. I saw it in CLHS Hall about two weeks ago. This was only a PMR question paper >Maths. So this holiday, i can sit down and try this paper.I searched this magazines from my table that I tidy yesterday night. This was a set of magazines that I buy last time. Each RM1.00, comfortable? 20 pages designed by 2TA1. Approved by Mr Charles Baboo(their English teacher). In this magazines set have a lot of gret tips for whatever anything. This broucher is i found in my computer table "blogging space". Cool!! I bought a pendrive last week. So they gave me this broucher for more information. Looked nice? Kingston brand.High School Musical 2... I like it!! Cool!! This is Astro Guide *September Edition. Really nice the picture. I will keep it until... Don't know la!! Haha... Really nice!! Cool!!Besides that, I received the Astro View *Decemeber Edition. Wow! Changed name ready, Astro Guide changed to Astro View. More information, more nice!! But charged RM4.80, last time only RM3.88. More colour!! They are doing promotion, Free until February 2009 Cool!! But you want to subcribe first la. Visit www.astro.com.my to subcribe!!

Just now morning rainning. Until now just became more bright. Sun shining at the sky!! Cool. I am now sick some la. Just miss my favourite drama 意难忘 now. 12.00pm until 1.00pm... Okay la, guys remember to support me!! Wait for my next post....

By GenYong 20/11/2007

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