Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I create a Technorati account!!

This was a special post of me!! How to say special? Cause this post is for Technorati verify my account. I am creating an account of Technorati!! Hope that I can be famous later, lol!! Really this post is nothing to right la... Anyway, I just simply introduce myself again!!

Since when you know who is GenYong? Actually if you are in CLHS 1T14 in year 2007, that's you will know me!! But now all has gone, we are hoping 2008 coming.... Maybe got classmates go to A class and also C class. But whatever I can do is hoping for my dear friends be strong and not easy to give up anything. Alright, I am a 13 years old boy. Since 22nd September 1994, I already stay at this world 13 years.

This 13 years, I was doing what? Really not remember much, but I just can review my achievements. In primary school SJK(C)Chung Shan, I be exemplar and head prefect of whole school. Whole school students were respected me. But that's was history, now I am waiting to continue my study to Form 2. UPSR I scored 7A, so went to CLHS study. Really proud of me, study at class 1T14, created a blog for a class since August. Now recall it, really feel that regret for this short period we joined together.

I really hoping my friends will be good and keep contact of each other.
1T14 is the best!! Friends Forever!!
2007 will be end, 2008 is coming soon!!
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