Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Downloading games?! Some information of yesterday

Games, is it so important for me? I can asnwer you "Yes", but must looked like what game. Now I am launching or downloading Gunz. Is this game most popular? I am lazy to upload the pictures for you to enjoy la. I just woke up from my "sweet dream". Really tired today. Nothing to do was so boring. I just saja post for your information to stay touch with me only.
Alright, just search for yesterday electricity get cut off news and pictures. The pictures as shown below:
Is it Prangin Mall? Just see at this picture^^^ That's true!! But why will become like that? Is because the electricity get cut off yesterday. About 4.30pm, there return to normal.
Looked like this was a shop near Komtar. Why the shop became so dark? And also lighted the candle... Just because the electric get cut off yesterday!!
Yesterday who shop at Komtar between 3.00pm until 5.00pm, you will know that what happened. Whole Komtar became dark, really dark!! This cause many peoples shock!! Have more than 20 peoples jam at the lift. Kesian!!
The traffic sure will get disturbed. Traffic light can't function normally. This cause many of main busy lane get traffic jam. really get much of disturbed!!
Most serious was the "state system meeting" conducted by Dr Kor Tsu Koon. Many of the principles was afraid by this problem. This problem cause the meeting can't continue.All of the principles were went out from the meeting room to rest and continue discuss about something. Some of them was really felt hot, and took out their overcoat. Haha!! There was really hot lo!! You see at the picture, the room was so dark!! Really Shock!! For this problem, Dr Kor Tsu Koon really "angry" at Tenaga Nasional. And then he also open a press conference to complaint about it!! Really so serious?
But there was some hawkers happy. Why? Cause of many peoples really felt hot and buy drinks from them. Really, that's true!! Haha!! LOL...That's true!! I am really thanks for GuangMingDaily, SinchewDaily, NanyangDaily, OrientalDaily and also ChinaPress for sponsor me the pictures and informations!!
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By GenYong 21/11/2007

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