Monday, November 26, 2007

Last Weekends Activities

Weekends is just for you to relax? I am not agree for this. Actually for workers them, that's true!! But for us, I think that now was holiday, we spent our free time on weekdays. So weekends sure must have some activities to join, if not we will become more "idiot" and feel boring stay at home!!
Yesterday, I just changed my template. Is it cool and nice? Leave your comments for me. Last weekends I have been attend many of activities. How can I say that? Is because before holidays I met some Junior Jaycees' members, they invited me to join the jaycees trainning camp. So for my knowledge, I had attend the camp. The camp was take time a whole day, that's from 8.00am until 10.00pm.

Last saturday, I went to school for attend the camp. I missed the Action Group activities, and joined the camp well. That's true, I learnt a lot of knowledges such as: how to give a speech? how to produce a product to sell? how to make a proposal well? how to care for our community etc. That's really cool!! I have been updated myself after the camp. I am now thinking for really I have to join this club? But just heard from senior said that it's ok for 2 clubs.

This camp organiser was Ejiat, a form 4 boy. I think he was the club's vice president, he was in charge in individual department. He was invite two speakers which name Mr Shankar(from BM) and Mr Heah(pass president of JCI Penang). They gave the speech was so intresting and improve my knowledge. Mr Shankar teached us how give a speech well.

Then, we learnt how to produce a product for sell. We also learnt how to write proposal and budget. Is it this camp bring a lot knowledges for me? I think so!! Then, we also heard a talk about community. That's good for us!! I really want to join this club next year!!

Anyway, yesterday night I was slept early. Why? Is because my eyeside was tired. Whole day looked at PC, not sleep for whole day. But before that, I followed my family went to Midlands there to hhave a western dinner. Just went back to there have we been to take our dinner. I called a lamb cob. Cool!! First time having lamb cob, is hardly to finish it!! Haha!!

I just search the net this morning. I get the deals of DiGi:
A broadband internet service unlimited just only RM66 and RM33. Is it comfortable?!
That's my blog old template^^ I just review it!! That's have been history since yesterday.
Now I am worry for my result!! But I will relax and take it easy. Okay la I will stop here!! Leave comments for me!!
Thanks for support... Update Soon!! Support GenYong.... 26/11/2007


Anonymous said...

thats happy to heard that u have fully utilize ur u learnt a lots!!!

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