Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Wireless Modem in my home now!

Finally I was back to online, struggle for 11 days internet down and now finally i can get the informations up to date! In the previous 11 days, I really had a quiet life without Facebook, Twitter and even Blogger. Made a lot of complaints to TM Net Service Provider, keep dialing 100 on my phone due to DSL light blinking. But at the end, my old modem had already changed to new wireless modem now!
This is my latest wireless modem which received free from TM Net Streamyx. Changed my previous package to RM 90 per month package with Streamyx Combo which included local phone line bill. Not bad at least now I can get the free phone calls and wireless internet usage!
For this old one, I think that's the time to change! It also served me for about 5 years since I was using Internet on the year 2006! Not bad and now Aztech is no longer serviced to TM, and now TM recommended us to change either to D-Link, Riger or my modem model ZyXEL so if you facing any problems... please immediately make a call to 100 and they will solve the problems for you! Thank god that I have Internet use now! Posted by GenYong 20.02.2011


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