Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leos CNY 2011 Greetings

Yo everyone although Chinese New Year had over but I seems to have many things to post up. So hope you don't mind I posted some CNY 2011 post on it. Let see today I wish to post up my Leo Club CNY greetings to public that snapped on 28th of January 2011 at school. Let's see how we greet people!
Actually what I planned for the club CNY greetings was writing some CNY words to wish everyone Happy CNY Festival.
My president LEO Lester was guiding my those form 4 juniors to write up the calligraphy words. Their handwriting really so nice and I was so admired on them! Good.
After the writing, we get around 10 over pieces to distribute to each person to hold for the photography session! Let's continue to read until below:
My juniors were funny and they were posing unofficially at the camera! Did you realise that why I always shout Huat ah during CNY? I think you get the point now! xD
Lastly we took an official group photos in front of school hall. Wish everyone Happy CNY, Have a Prosperous Rabbit Year etc. But now already over, for the new year! I wish to score in my SPM, planning strategy for my future! So how about yours? Posted by GenYong 20.02.2011

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