Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY 2011 Day 2 Updates

This year CNY Day 2 was as usual like previous years. My grandma will cooked a lot of food to pray for 开年仪式 I am not very sure on that but just know that my aunts and uncles will coming back to grandma's house together reunion again! Conclusion is eat non stop! xD
I snapped a photo with auto snapping mode from camera since I get a camera stand kit from Daiso, Japan store which cost me only RM 5 to get a mini camera stand! Quite worth it and starting from now I can start to snap more family group photos!
After my aunts and uncles arrived, we started the meal together! Grandma was really a super chef, she's better than those hotel chefs! xD. She cooked a lot of traditional food which served with delicious taste! You should come over to my house and try her cooking ya!
Up next, since my cousin requested to have a gambling time. My uncle was decided to take up as a host to play the game. We played black jack! I was only played once a year so decided not to bet too much, just a few dollars then should be enough! Card games only, playing and not really betting!
Closed up the layer of door, and played under a strong fan! Luckily, there was no police walk around at that time. Played about 1 hour plus, then we proceed to visit my relatives at Rifle Range Flats. That side I didn't take any photos. So that's my day 2 of Chinese New Year! Posted by GenYong 06.02.2011

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