Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CNY 9th Day Outing with Friends

Previous Chinese New Year, there were hot weather outside. So that was the best time to have an outing with friends in shopping malls. Thus my form 5 buddies invited me out to Queensbay Mall for a movie "I Love Hong Kong". That movie was so awesome! Really laugh non-stop inside the cinema!
As you can see during CNY session the cinema was always crowded by people and long queue were there same like last year. So luckily my friends Derrick had already made the booking for our movie so no need to wait for the long queue.
My friends were there discussing on those planning about their schedule up next and some sort like talk cocks while waiting to enter the cinema hall.
After the movie, we had a lunch break before continue to the next movie. We were looking at those restaurant that served delicious food with reasonable prices. For them, they had chosen Nando's but for me I just take McDonald's as the Lunch Time Value! Save $$ important, xD!
After that, we also went for arcade! I didn't play that day because I planned to save more money for whole month usage! So i just be the photographer as well as they were playing. Quite fun actually when you play some arcade while outing! If not mistaken, I only spent for RM 16.00 for that outing. Take those things that in lowest price! Save money is more important. Posted by GenYong 22.02.2011


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