Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CCA Registration Day 2011

Wow really a great news to be announced! Leo Club Of Chung Ling High School a.k.a my club had boosted up to nearly 300 members! Break the record of one club having so many of members! Recruited lots of members, collected lots of registration forms and also registration fees as well! Seriously I really feel that it was worthed because we had put a lot of efforts on it!
My 2nd Vice President Leo Christopher Ng holding the the streamers with my assistant Leo Nicholas Oh and tried to attract people visit us on the registration day! This skill is called last minute grabbing people! But it's useful.
As well as you can see many of the students had chosen us as their club. Our job was non stop for collecting money and also issue receipts! Total receipt books usage is around 6 books! Each book contained of 50 pieces. So you can imagine how many members we had recruited!
You can see that my president Leo Lester was so glad to see that so many members were recruited as Leo Club members. So he was posing to the camera with the promotion streamers! ROAR! Finally we did it!
Lastly it was like official announcement on the press that we had recruited around 300 people to join our club. Finally I would like to thank to everyone for their help and also thank to my idea that worked smoothly on that day! ROAR.. Posted by GenYong 01.02.2011

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