Monday, October 4, 2010

22nd September 16th Birthday Celebration

In previous month 22nd was my birthday... This year my birthday fall on the same day of Mooncake Festival (Mid Autumn Festival). From my friends, they said this date is hard to meet up together so I was very appreciate this year celebration. Not a BIG celebration for me... Just mooncake special for me!
Take a shot before cutting the mooncake!
That day we don't have the candles just a simple mooncake. Before I cut the mooncake, wish something first... What I wished actually? Wish for my exam result, wish for my family, wish for my club Leo club always being wealthy and good!
My best friends Ivan, Lester, Winston and Chee Meng were there outside of my class celebrated my 16th birthday for me... I was so surprise when saw Ivan taking the mooncake to me! I was glad to see him really using the mooncake and celebrated my 16th birthday... Thanks...
Especially I would like to thanks YB Ivan Lim which the named I used to call him... Haha! Why I call him YB? You should read back this post. Really thanks to him for the mooncake and the celebration for me! Thank you.
After my wish, we went into class and cut the mooncake into pieces sharing with each other! I was so glad that day and smile non stop to the camera! Since I was in Chung Ling for 4 years, this year was so special for my birthday and I really want to thanks to my Leo Club President Lester and Project Planning Director Ivan for the celebrations!

I was really lucky to have you both best friends! We can be TRIO right? XD Posted by GenYong 04.10.2010

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