Thursday, February 4, 2010

The ChungLing Insider's Spots

Recently I found that some parts of my school (Chung Ling High School) were fully destroyed and it's the time to repair. I don't know whether is it suitable to show it here but I think I want to tell out the truth. Alright, in the earlier of January my action group were carrying out a duty at Form 6 Block. We thought that just move something else that's all, but I felt disappointed when I saw something out there.
I wondered when I reached there saw all the messy and dirty rubbish. The worst was I can't even stay up with the weird smell. I don't know how to describe the smell but it was just like the rain smell. It's really dirty!
I think the room last time was used for store room but seems no people there take care well, it becomes worse. Luckily we went to open it and cleaned it up, if not I can't imagine that what happened.. The room was dangerous because of the unstable ceiling. It might collapse anytime so we have to work it safely.
"YB Chee" and "YB Ivan Lim" were pointing to the ugly wall.
My action group team mates were acting like YB went to look through the whole room. Since I had my camera with me that time, so I took some photos to proof that we're working and it's really terrible! If you're ChungLing guys, I think it's a funny blog post for you! LOL!

Next was the day of memorial ceremony (29/01/2010), there was a dangerous case happened in the toilet. The toilet was common used by Form 4 students. According from my friend, he said that one students go into the toilet to do his 'business', suddenly one 'bola crackers' throw in the toilet. That student quickly rushed out and lucky he didn't hurt. I wondered when I hear this news from him, I don't know whether it is a prank or a trap.
"YB Ivan Lim" was carry out his duty again and look through about toilet.
Lastly everything was fine and the student was nothing happened and it just the toilet destroyed. I think next time Chung Ling have to more focus on those cases. Prevent the bad things to happen again! Is it alright? Let's cooperate together and form a better Chung Ling High School! Posted by GenYong 04.02.2010

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