Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Features Found in 4SB3

4SB3 2010 to myself... is not a good class for me. Why?? Not because it's B class but is then the students in this class were not so suitable for me... But overall, I had make quite lots of friends in this year and I start to like 4SB3 my class.
Last week when the PMR examinations were on going, many of my class teachers didn't come due to the duty for PMR examinations in other schools. So we took the opportunities to study in class, playing chess, chit chatting and having fun in class while free periods!
My friend Wei Kit was posing on the camera while I took the photos on him! Damn funny on him the expression.
Whereas my another friend You Loong was pointing outside to the windows and seems he saw people cheated on exam... Actually just kidding la! No cheat on PMR ya!!
Besides that also my friend Jiunn Wei was putting his hardwork on maths questions and he read a lot of novels in class! Sometimes he still boring until felt sleepy! OMG. Really admire at him that can score so well although he always sleep at class... XD! Posted by GenYong 13.10.2010


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