Saturday, October 2, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 Registration

I had just done my PBIM 2010 registration online. Had you register it? This year the Penang Marathon will seems to be more difference after the 2 years experience of the organizer, Penang State Government. Since last year 2009, the people had reached until 19K. It was a successful event although there were several incidents happened at that time...

Last year I also got posted about this event and those photos are up there on my previous blog post. Anyway, this year they are making some difference which using the early bird method.. As you had registered in May, you can enjoy RM 15 for 10K Run whereas now as I registered need RM 20... After 16th of October, they will charge RM 25... So please register as soon as possible to enjoy the rebates...

Besides that, you can also register via mobile if you are the last year participants. You just need to key in your IC Number and your TShirt size will do.. For more details please click here!

Come on this year Penang Bridge International Marathon is rocks! Come on everyone let's have fun and meet me there too! XD Posted by GenYong 02.10.2010


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