Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fresh Clean Look EXTRA School Service Project

This project had been launched since July 2010

Today morning I went to school for my societies activity. Today I had 2 activities which on early morning was Action Group activity and later I had the Leo Club activities which cleaned the school compound drains. For the purpose of this school service project carried out is to prevent the dengue diseases happened in my school.
So we take the opportunities to have it right today and everybody was just have blast on it! Having fun, making jokes and chit chatting while cleaning the drains. It's so cool having an activity such like this with our form 1 and form 2 juniors.
At last for sure we had ROAR for 3 times... haha Leo Club of Chung Ling High School ROAR ROAR ROAR!! A well done project by Leo Kenny Lim and guided by my president Lester and I! Thanks ya all Leos! ROAR!! Posted by GenYong 09.10.2010

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